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And yes, we can have lessons over Skype!

All music originates from the human soul. No other living creature can make music the way humans do.

It is with this truth that Canadian Tonality seeks to tap into the vast musical resources a human being possesses. How to get brain waves transformed into tuneful sound waves, that is my goal. Not only that. More than anything, I strive for excellence in my students.

I believe that music can be taught to anyone who desires enough to learn it.

Do you know that a typical musician's world is five times more exciting than a typical music lover's world?

      1. Musicians can accurately interpret music produced in, and by, their own bodies.

      2. Musicians listen to music and can invent versions of it in their minds.

      3. Musicians talk among themselves in a dimension mere music lovers do not experience.

      4. Musicians unknowingly use their talent to make more friends and admirers (and lovers!).

      5. Musicians trigger happiness in other people (e.g., in groups of music lovers) with the music they make.

So take your pick. Are you going on being just a simple music lover all your life, or would you rather
become an irresistible, sought-after musician or singer?

Learn how to be one. Take piano and/or voice lessons from Canadian Tonality.

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