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Please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Anton R. Tajanlangit, your
piano teacher and voice coach.

Canadian Tonality is the process by which I help my students in piano and singing make music their passion. This is achieved by a healthy mix between fun and curiosity.

I do away with useless steps that other methods make their students go through. I get to the point without wasting time. I have musical formulas many teachers don't get to teach their students.

If you are already one of my students, please click on the tab Online notebook at the top.

Anton R. Tajanlangit on a Yamaha grand
accompanied by the Garritan Orchestra
Anton plays Hanon Piano Exercises Book One, nos. 1-20 non-stop for over 10 minutes!
Anton plays Hanon Piano Exercises Book Two, nos. 21-30 non-stop for over 10 minutes!
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